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The school will be operated in 3 segments:

  • The ADIS Preschool- Nursery, LKG and UKG
  • The ADIS Primary School- Standard I to V
  • The ADIS Secondary School- Standard VI to VIII

Academic Year and Student Assessment
The academic year is divided into two terms. Evaluation of the Child's progress will be done on the basis of continuous assessments. Progress reports will be given to the parents during the PTM at the end of each term.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E.) as proposed by CBSE.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E.) calls for holistic evaluation of learners. One of the main purpose of such evaluation at the school stage is to help the learners improve their achievement in Scholastic areas and to develop Life Skills and Attitudes with reference to the larger context and canvas of life. Hence C.C.E. is being followed from standard I to VIII.

We offer a "Holistic Learning Program" for all round development of our students. We are inducting "IMAX" learning program.

What is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E.)?
  1. It is a process to provide holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of development.
  2. This scheme aims at making evaluation an integral part of teaching learning process.
  3. The scheme focuses on all-round development of personality of the learners.
What do the terms Scholastic and Co-scholastic mean?
  1. The terms Scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to intellect or the brain. It includes assessments of learners in curricular subjects, assignments, project work, practical and oral work etc.
  2. The term Co-scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to hand and heart. These include psychomotor skills, physical development, life skills, attitude, values, interests and participation in co-curricular activities.
What is Formative Assessment?
  1. It is a process used by a teacher to continuously monitor students progress in a non-threatening and supportive environment.
  2. It is diagnostic and remedial.
  3. It provides platform for active involvement of students in their own learning.
What is Summative Assessment?
  1. It is the assessment carried out at the end of a course of instruction.
  2. It indicates and measures how much a student has learnt.
  3. It is usually used for certification purpose.