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1.School Library
At ADIS a very good collection of storybooks based as per the mental age of the students. We have a collection of E-stories with various animations with morals and also challenging task are given at the end of these stories. The main aim of library is to improve linguistic abilities, reading and thinking skills. Which enhances the cognitive domain of the kid?
2.English Language Lab
ADIS has the most well equipped and modern English Language Lab provision we have the – 4th Generation software. We have the capacity of 22 student's intake at a time. The teacher console is well equipped with sitting arrangement with 22 students with headphone facilities. English Language lab is taught with Reading, Listening, and Speaking, Writing skills each lesson is activity based and demonstrative through animation under digital media. Each story has a moral in animated series. The unique feature of English Language Lab is the main monitor which can record and capture all the speaking skills at a time which is a very effective measure for English trainer.
3. Indoor Games Facility
ADIS not only concentrates in education of the kids but also for keeping physical, social & emotional development of the child. In ADIS Carom, Counting Beads, Basketball (Small), Slide, Caterpillar Tunnel, Barbie Doll House, ATM Bank, Clay and Mud House are few of the indoor games facilitated to the students. At a younger age the games are kept to facilitate the psycho-motor development of the child.
4. Outdoor Play Area
Keeping in mind the Physical Activities of students even outdoor games are given equal important and are imparted under the assistance of the teacher. Outdoor game kits like Big Trampoline, Slide, Rope Maze etc. are provided.
5. Computer Lab
At ADIS we have a well equipped computer lab with 10 nos. of computer with multimedia. This lab is structured such a way that around 20 students can learn at a time. The computers are connected with our server present in the school. The computer lab has dedicated UPS so as to keep the work going if in absence of electricity. The computer lab has internet connectivity as well.
6. Digital Classroom
At ADIS all the classes are well equipped with digital media and e-resource with one of the most well known and branded company; Tata Projector. According to the syllabus lessons are taught using this resource.
7. Music And Arts Room
At ADIS we have the most modern musical instruments like Synthesizer (Casio), Drum set, Harmonium, Tablas, Drums etc. with a very good audio system. Weekly music and dance classes are conducted. We have a very versatile gifted & enthusiastic art teacher.
8. Technology Based Learning
9. ERP System
10. E-Learning
11. Bus Facilities
At ADIS we provide bus facilities as per the demand of parents to benefit them for child safety and transportation. There is an attended in every bus.
12. SMS Updates
13. Field Trips
At ADIS we encourage field trips for students to have a wider knowledge if the world around them. The aim of conducting the field trip is to feel and understand the different areas of learning.

For example : A visit to a farm gives the child overview of how plants grow; the child observes and learns the different crops, soil type, climate change as well as the importance of water.

A visit to Post Office will provide old methods of communication available at post office i.e. Posting of letter, inland, purchasing stamps, sending Money Orders etc. This visit will also educate the students in understanding the importance of post office in rural areas.

14. Parents Training & Workshops