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The Power of Partnership:

Just as it is vital that every part of the engine of a car work together to create maximum power and speed, so is the power of your child's education towards successful achievement best when the parents, student & ADIS team up together to provide the best learning opportunities.

Only when the parents, students and the school perform well together can high quality outcomes be guaranteed.

Because it is proven fact that positive behavior create positive outcomes, it is important that at all times the school , parent student partnership have a culture of productive communication and action.

As a positive team, we know that challenges are easily successfully addressed so that, always, we move forward to achieve the very best.

Let's work together, always focusing on what's best for your child's future, so that, together, we allow every child in the school to soar, like a powerful eagle, towards a bright and successful future.

I wish all students every success in their learning. May they be inspired to dream about what they aspire towards in order to achieve successful and satisfying outcomes.

Mr. Otto Eijkman (Australia)
Annasaheb Dange International School, Islampur.