Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha’s
CBSE Affiliation No. - 1130723
Uran Islampur, Maharashtra - 415409
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From the Principal’s Desk:

An individual's future depends on a high quality and dynamic school education system providing students foundation skills, values, knowledge and preparing them for lifelong learning. It needs an incomparable nurturing ground for students’ holistic, social and overall development to quip our children to succeed in this challenging world, which in fact is endowed with our dynamic school that can turn learning into a life-long journey of enquiry and discovery, culminating in knowledge of wisdom that matters.

An excellent educational institution is just not about only bricks, mortar or concrete but about building character, enriching minds and experiences that lasts a lifetime. Education is the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. It has played an important role in society throughout history.

The evolution of Annasahab Dange International School came into existence to fulfill the needs and aspirations of a larger population and culturally diversified students. Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences in learning process and learning is not just series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions and beyond learning horizons. At ADIS, we enable each one of our students to explore new realms of wisdom. Our faculties make a sustained and conscious effort to comply with the growing demands and expectations of the students. The staff also takes precautionary steps to inculcate the right kind of aptitude, attitude within a child and refine their inner talents and skills. We encourage and motivate our students to be alert, active and active participation in all extracurricular activities and events.

In short our students are offered an extensive number of curricular and co-curricular activities creating countless opportunities to excel in various fields.

Annasahab Dange International School welcomes students from all over the world. In fact we build better career for our students by explicitly ensuring excellent education by instilling life skills and distinctively developing admirable and amazing academic achievements. We patently provide IIT and medical foundation programmes which also give them spontaneous exposure for many competitive examinations like NTSE, Dr. Homibhabha Balvaidnyanik exam etc. Moreover our students will be pleasantly surprised at the state-of-the-art classrooms, sports facilities, music and dance classes, skating, Taekwondo, gymnasium etc and the friendly atmosphere of the school. We are consistently seeking ways to further satisfy the varying demands of our students.

I look forward for your kind support and cooperation to further make this school a premier institute in all respect.

Yousuf Cherumanakkadan